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eStudySite is dedicated to providing compassionate care to our participants, reliability to our sponsors and a continued commitment to excellence.

Founded 16 years ago, ESS operates five dedicated clinical research sites in San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.   Through comprehensive research services agreements with each of its partner hospitals, ESS is able to conduct a broad range of in-patient and out-patient protocols spanning first-in-human/first-in-patient through to pivotal trials and post-marketing support.  ESS enjoys a worldwide leadership reputation for excellence in conducting infectious disease trials spanning antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, diagnostics, and devices, and ESS also has a thriving research practice encompassing a broad range of therapeutic areas including dermatology, metabolic disease, CNS/pain, surgery, women’s health, and orphan diseases, among others.  Our newest ESS site, Quest Clinical Research in San Francisco, is one of the preeminent virology research centers in the US and enjoys a 26-year reputation of patient care and clinical trial support of protocols in HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, CMV, herpes, and vaccine studies.  The company’s 20-bed early phase confinement center allows it to conduct proof-of-concept trials as well as standard Phase I-Phase IIa development programs, and also provides the opportunity for extended length in-patient trials as an adjunct to our hospital-based in-patient studies.


We aim to achieve the first enrollment in any study we undertake (with the goal of first enrollment within six weeks of receiving a final protocol), and typically our sites are among the highest enrolling sites.  Our ability to recruit patients from our extensive network of hospitals, community clinics, patient organizations, and through other outreach channels allows us to tackle a broad range of therapeutic areas in both acute and chronic care medicine.  Our group of PI’s meets weekly to evaluate new protocols in terms of technical and patient feasibility, and we welcome the opportunity to explore your research needs.

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As a response to the extraordinary growth of outsourcing in the life science industry and the expanding number of contract research organizations (CROs) in Southern California, BIOCOM created a new CRO website as a way to inform our life science members of the vast array of services that our local CRO community has to offer.

The website features a drug development guide, which provides a detailed description of each phase of development and includes a list of CRO members who not only understand the key disease areas our members are working on but can assist in bringing safe and effective new treatments to patients.


Participants in research at eStudySite can expect the highest quality compassion, care, and attention that will not be found elsewhere. Our conveniently located sites are staffed with knowledgeable research professionals whose priority is the safety and well being of their patients. We are on call to answer all of your questions and make your experience as pleasant as possible. Volunteer’s participation is crucial to the advancement of our society’s medical treatments and if you qualify, you may receive study-related medical examinations, lab tests, and compensation for time and travel.

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